This perspective means that when we carry out our work, we effectively utilize your data. From automated pallet-box-product movements to more intricate packaging and storage systems, we base our analysis of your supply chain processes on data and our client's business objectives.

No data is unnecessary; it simply awaits interpretation.

Focused on Data.

We are focused on data consultants.

Return on investment (ROI)

One of the most critical aspects of warehouse automation is commercial viability and return on investment - the payback period. As experts in warehouse automation, we leverage data to assess your existing supply chain, growth trajectory, and identify the technology best suited for your future operations.

While technology is fantastic, sometimes a straightforward solution is best. In such instances, we present you with technology-free decisions backed by data, preventing unnecessary investments for your business.

We manage your projects from the analysis stage to the commissioning phase, providing turnkey solutions. Whether it's creating specifications for a new system, preparing proposals, or overseeing project management, we ensure continuous monitoring support, guaranteeing that all processes continue seamlessly and your commitments are met without interruption.


How can we assist you?

  • We have experience in various sectors and industries.

  • We are commercially expert consultants.

  • We select solutions that best address supply chain challenges.

  • Our data-driven analysis and decision-making mechanism ensure that all decisions are backed by real-world data.

  • We provide specialized expertise tailored to your business by sitting at the same table with your suppliers or those we recommend.

  • Warehouse automation often serves as the cutting edge of supply chain strategy. It's a tactic aimed at reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and helping to compete for a larger market share. Our data-focused efforts guide your business in selecting automation that drives efficiency.


Warehouse automation - dark warehouses

Warehouse automation serves as a catalyst, directing warehouse personnel to more valuable tasks as labor costs increase.

Automation is applied across a mix of supply chain functions, including storage, picking, sorting, as well as managing pallet-box-product movements and material handling (intralogistics).

By utilizing data modeling, we assist clients in understanding which stages of their supply chains can benefit most from storage technology and automation. We guide them on how these solutions can be implemented and scaled as their business grows.


In a time when customer demands are at record levels, it's only natural for businesses to consider automation for the first time in their operations, especially as warehouse automation becomes more economically accessible.

Before making a decision on automation, it's essential to consider the full range of alternative technologies. We guide you in this aspect and assist you in making the right decision based on your data.