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"We're with you in Data Collection, Analysis, and Decision-Making Processes."

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As Okta Intralogistics, we carry a mission to provide solutions to the complex challenges you face in the world of intralogistics.

We combine the expertise of supply chain consultants with the analytical and technical skills of data scientists to assist you in making better decisions in your intralogistics processes.

We are not a large consultancy firm, and we are quite happy about that.

Our personalized approach enables us to guide you correctly throughout your intralogistics project. This way, with the necessary information and tools, you can swiftly kick off your project and focus on achieving success.





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"I have a warehouse automation system in my business, but I believe it's not being utilized to its fullest potential. How can I evaluate this?"

"Which intralogistics technologies would provide greater efficiency for supply chain and warehouse management based on my business's current processes and infrastructure?"

"How should I assess the warehouse needs of my business before making a new warehouse investment?"

"To optimize service and maintenance processes and reduce costs, which automation and technological solutions should I consider evaluating?"

Customer Questions

"How do I calculate the return on investment (ROI) for a new warehouse investment before making the decision?"

"What strategies should I implement to expedite or optimize the investment return period?"

Warehouse Automation Technology Consulting

Focusing on operational excellence, we optimize business processes with modern intralogistics and warehouse management solutions, enhancing efficiency and providing a competitive advantage.

Project and Site Management Consulting

We manage your automated warehouse projects, designed based on data analysis, according to the PMI methodology and ensure on-site coordination.

Technical Support and Preventive Maintenance

With our experienced team, we support your sustainability goals in warehouse operations through spare parts, routine maintenance, and 24/7 service.

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Essentially, any business with a warehouse.

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